4 December 2015

The Indien brengt 6-track EP Hiatus uit


Zo schrijft de band het op de website, 6-track Hiatus is uit!

“Hiatus was recorded before and after the summer of 2015. Some of the songs were written even before Cologne was released, even performed in early production arrangements. We scheduled a four day recording session mid-April in which the instrumentals were tracked. All compositions and arrangements were finalised then and there in what is steadily becoming our signature approach to recording new material. Five songs, an encore and an instrumental were recorded uncompromisingly with little regard for by-the-book recording technique. Towards the end of April we shifted our focus towards playing festivals and other live shows. This break in writing and recording is what led us to name the record ‘Hiatus’. It gave us time to let our recordings sink in and give us a fresh view in finishing the record. Mixing took place at The Bassment Studio in The Hague, The Netherlands in some morning-to-morning sessions.”

Paradiso Amsterdam